Glenn Holland, a Policeman from Victoria Police, will compete in this weekend’s Deep Heat Challenge Melbourne to raise funds for the Blue Ribbon Foundation, supporting his colleagues suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Glenn is a current serving member with Victoria Police and has started a campaign called ‘Protecting the Protectors’ to help raise funds for his fellow police officers who take extended sick leave, leave their jobs permanently or sit on waiting lists for up to 18 months for appropriate treatment.

Holland said that some of his colleagues have even committed suicide.

“My campaign is to assist Members in speaking up to say they need a hand and to reassure them that help is available for VICPOL Members” he said.

As a Policeman of fifteen years he says that for some people it’s as simple as having a conversation with someone else.

“It not only effects them personally it also effects family and friends.”

“I’m seeing a lot of my colleagues taking sick leave and not coming back, it’s better for everyone if we can start talking about things so that they can return back to work” he said.

Holland and two other Victoria Police members will compete on Sunday, raising money which will go towards hospital engagement and welfare services. Holland has seen how the tragedies that happen every day in our own backyard not only affect the victims but also the officers who work to help them.

“I chose Deep Heat Challenge Melbourne as it is local and I want the community and police members to come out and support this event whilst spreading the word for PTSD awareness.”

“There’s a lot of issues following the Burke Street Mall incident earlier this year, and if we can start with one conversation over a cup of coffee things will look brighter” he said.

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