Deep Heat Challenge Melbourne will be held this Sunday April 9th at Catani Gardens St. Kilda.

With the Asia Pacific Championship title up for grabs, the event will see international and local elite athletes flock to the start line on Sunday morning.

The event will have a great viewing location for supporters as the swim course goes underneath the iconic St Kilda Pier for the first time ever.

Melbourne based Triathlete, Penny Hosken says she is happy to be racing on home turf for her first half distance race.

“This is going to be my first half so I just want to get out there, enjoy it and get it done. To have a home race is fantastic, my friends and family are going to be out there as well as the people I train with” she said.

When asked about the predicted conditions, Elite Triathlete Luke Bell, also a local, said that the day is shaping up to be good for racing.

“I tend not to think about the conditions too much, it’s out of your control, and we all know that in Melbourne there’s four seasons in one day. The sun will be out, we could get a bit of rain, could get a bit of wind and the sun will be out again, so you need to expect and prepare for everything” he said.

When asked about the rivalries expected on course, Bell named some of the sports greatest competitors.

“Tim Reed, current world champion has got a big bullseye on his back for everyone this weekend, and Tim Berkel and Sam Appleton who are all pretty renowned over this distance will be the ones to beat” Bell said.

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